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Shrink Sleeves


Recognising an ever popularity in shrink sleeves and the desire to further expand our capabilities, Berkshire Labels are delighted to introduce shrink sleeves into our product portfolio.

Shrink sleeves wrap around your entire container allowing your brand to be seen no matter how a person holds the bottle or places it back on the shelf. Many market sectors have rapidly adopted the 360° graphics that bespoke shrink sleeves can provide.

This is extremely popular within the drinks market for bottles and a growing trend for sleeved cans. It can also be seen across many other different market sectors including toiletries and cosmetics, household and pet care and, food and pharmaceutical products.

Sleeves provide a premium finish to your product and allow labelling on very complex shaped containers. Through clever designs, the sleeves will bring those shapes to life, making your products stand out from the crowd. Mirror printing on PVC or PET materials delivers a robust and scratch resistant surface that will ensure the design remains pristine throughout the life of the product.

Sleeves are also a great eco-friendly solution, no adhesive to worry about and with the inclusion of a perforation allows the consumer to easily remove it from the container which can then be recycled.


With the capability to print both digitally and conventional Berkshire Labels are uniquely positioned to provide one off fully sleeved mock ups and print runs from as little as a thousand sleeves through to millions.

This provides our customers with an extremely cost effective alternative to printing on the container and eliminates the necessity for large MOQ’s and inflexible lead-times which the market has long been waiting for.

Berkshire Labels can help with the distortion of your artwork, providing a 3D rendered proof for mobile or desktop interaction. Just let us have the bottle specification and we will do the rest for you.

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